Uyghur : An Intermediate Textbook

Textbook: Uyghur, An Intermediate Textbook

UYGHUR Gulnisa Nazarova and Kurban Niyaz Uyghur: An Intermediate Textbook offers students, professionals, and travelers alike the preeminent tool for expanding their knowledge of the Uyghur language and culture. Combining innovative language learning methodology with authentic audio and video materials, this textbook develops the four primary language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—by integrating them into a […]

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Some useful phrases


.ياخشىمۇسىز، مېنىڭ ئىسمىم جون [jɑχˈʃɪmusɪz mɛˈnɪŋ ɪsˈmɪm ʤɑn]/Yakh-shimusiz, mening ismim Jon./Hi. My name is John. ئىسمىڭىز نېمە؟[ˈɪsmɪŋɪz nɪˈmɛ] /Ismingiz nime?/What is your name? قانداق ئەھۋالىڭىز؟[qɑnˈdɑq ɛhˈwɑlɪŋɪz] /Qandaq eh-walingiz?/How are you doing? .قانداق ئەھۋالىڭىز؟ مەن ئىندىيانادىن [sɪz qɛyɛrˈdɪn mɛn ɪndiˈɑnɑdɪn]/Siz qeyerdin? Men Indianadin./Where are you from? I am from Indiana. ئازراق چاي ئىچەمسىز؟[ɑzˈrɑq ʧɑɪ ˈɪʧɛmsɪz] /Azraq chay ichemsiz?/Would […]

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Reading in Uyghur

Introduction to the Uyghur language

Source: WHO ARE THE UYGHURS? As one of the oldest Central Asian Turkic people, the Uyghurs primarily live in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which is situated in the north western corner of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). As the largest provincial unit in China, the region also makes up about one-sixth of the […]

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The University of Kansas


Uyghur (ooey-GHUR say Uyghurs, WEE-gur say Americans) is a Central Asian Turkic language spoken along the Silk Route in Chinese Turkestan (Xinjiang). Cultural and Linguistic History The Uyghurs, who number nearly ten million, are closely related to the Uzbeks and have a rich body of literature, arts, music, and dance, that stretches back to the 9th […]

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